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Okay, lol, mischief accomplished.

Mischief #2: The Milk/Applesauce/Spaghetti Incident

An apartment a couple floors above us has had the habit of throwing shit down onto us (the bottom floor) when they're really drunk. Or something, it doesn't matter - its no excuse. I've been getting really pissed off about it, because they sometimes throw stuff like full milk cartons and ketchup and shit that gets really gross. And it lands where we hang out.

Tonight, for me, was the last straw. After cleaning up a smashed milk carton and a brita filter, some mates and I took to their apartment door. Since it opens inward, we bound the handle to the railing with fishing line. Additionally, we returned their favor by dumping milk under their door and around that area, and throwing applesause on their windows.

I'm expecting retailation, but honestly, they fucking had it coming to them. Can't wait to read the nasty dorm-wide emails about vandalism tommorrow morning :D :D

On a side note, tommorrow will be spent in deep study - I've got a physics test thursday afternoon, and have to prepare an essay due the same timeframe. Woot woot.

But don't you just love getting back at jackasses? Even if we get in trouble for it (doubt it) it was worth it. For fear of reiteration, they bloody had it coming. And LOL :D


Okay, so I was in bed - my room is the only one facing outside and my window was open and I heard them when they got us back. But LOL.

All they did was throw some spaghetti (like, barely any) on our door and leave a trash can in front of it. A trash can. Not tipped out or anything, they just parked it there. Whoo whoo.

I figure that they've already cleaned up what we've done, so me and another mate call our RA (Resident Advisor, basically the watchdogs) and she comes down and is like "dot dot dot dammit, why did I have to wake up?" And takes some pictures of our door and stuff.

So while I'm cleaning up our door, two guys from upstairs come down and are like "whoa did they get you too" to which I'm like "..." and our RA is like "...fuck". So she goes upstairs to take some more photos and stuff and I finish cleaning.

Then one of the upstairs guys (that I kind of know but not really) comes down and asks me if I did it; I respond negatively. So then he goes back upstairs and I finish cleaning.

They're still bloody up there, so I take my socks (scrubbing utensils) and see what's up. They haven't done squat to clean it up.

At this point, I'm like "shit, wish I hadn't called the RA" because I figured they'd already cleaned it. If I had known that they were just going to let it sit there and fester I would have just let it be. Oh well, hindsight is bliss, right?

So then I see the RA carrying the big bucket I was using downstairs for water. The RA was cleaning it up. This was a real bad move on the upstairs guys' part - you never even think about letting the RAs do your work. Especially at 5AM in the morning.

I take the bucket from her (yes, its a female RA even...) and clean their mess up singlehandedly while they and my roommate stand around. I didn't mind it though, because we got them so much worse than they got us.

As I was cleaning, the RA told them (the upstairs folk) that they were lucky she was tired and didn't want to fill out disciplinary forms, because apparently they were drunk and arguing with her about not wanting to clean it up. LOLOWNT.

My flatmate was still pretty pissed off about it, I told him not to do anything until I leave on Thursday. IMO, I got the job done - they got LOLOWNT with milk/applesauce, which should have gotten the message across. And I got the RA on our side, so if anything further happens we'll be in the clear. At least, more in the clear.


Tommorrow I should have the pictures of the damage done. You'll lol when you see how little they did to us compared to what we did to them. I didn't take the pictures myself, but I hope that they show how much shit we dumped on their hallway. Seriously, it was quite a bit, and spread out (being liquid) much better than spaghetti, which was relatively easy to clean up.

But now my feet smell pretty rancid. I think I'm going to go take a shower.
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Ah, Dorms. I lived in two different dorms over two years. This is one of the reasons why its great to pool resources and get a share-house or buy an appartment or whatever. The only drawback is all of the maintenance becomes yours to handle alone. The other problem is that you can start to get anal about the mess that others make in your house. I have gotten to the point where I routinely get into the fridge and toss out all the shit that my mother-in-law (nazi-in-law) puts in there. Whenever she decides to stay, there is usually funky odours coming out of everywhere after a couple of days.

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Shit, I had that fridge problem the whole year. Everytime I opened it this gross odor wafted out... it was really really gross. And I never did find out what was causing it.


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Shit, I had that fridge problem the whole year. Everytime I opened it this gross odor wafted out... it was really really gross. And I never did find out what was causing it.


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