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Okay, this is too much. Ya know how if you're not supposed to look at something you can't help but be drawn to it? This is now the case for your shadows.

I can no longer look at Zatfig Culottes: Beach Heroine because I'm drawn to the overlapping palm tree shadows.

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hehe, well i've got no choice.

many people don't want me to take the shadows out, and i cant make the shadows true to life.

and as a personal preference i think it looks better with the bad shadows than without them.

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hehe, or a naked Morning t-shirt, right rob? [grin]

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@johnhattan: Honestly, it's supposed to look hand drawn and cartoony, the shadows are fine in this image. EDI just needs to think of a way to draw shadows on building sprites and such where it's REALLY noticable.

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Hi EDI !!

How ya doing ?

Awwww we all miss you so much on Doom 3!! Please come back! We are sorry for what we did ! The Doom 3 world is just not the same anymore since you left!

I see you have problems with the shadows...well we all know that from Doom ;-) (Damn fps! lol)....may John can help you with that?

Ok, good luck with the game!

Greetings from:

Pug, Jim, Slowness, John, Tali, Auzzieman and me!

We all hope to see the sober bastard back again one day ! :-)

Bye Bye!

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