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I jotted down some profession info for MoE (in the design doc [link is to last revision]). Need to do a bit more brainstorming [or hear others brainstorm a little] to gather what the profession code is going to need to be able to do. For those interested: Peasant [tentative/low]

Default class, able to do most minor projects. Farmer [tentative/low]

Specialization to gain bonuses at farming, sacrificing
ability to do other projects. Miner [tentative/low]

Specialization to gain bonuses to mining, sacrificing
ability to do other projects. Blacksmith [likely/medium]

Works on projects to train peasants into fighting
professions. Can work on iron/coal based projects. Explorer [tentative/medium]

Specialist who gains bonus to not die while on
exploration mission. Trader [likely/medium]

Able to work trade projects and provides trade bonus
[possible/low]. Thief [likely/low]

Provides 'black market' trade, even at war
[likely/medium]. Available with research into sewers [likely/low] Bard [likely/medium]

Able to wander through enemy territory gaining knowledge
and exposing fog of war in exchange for raising enemy happiness.
[likely/medium] Spy [possible/medium]

Standard 'go into enemy territory and do nasty things'. Engineer [possible/low]

Higher level builder, required for complex projects. Able
to build roads and similar improvements. Ranger [likely/low]

[possible/low] 'live off land' able to create food in
forested areas if no/limited other units are there for no cost.
Good ranged, medium melee. Paladin [possible/low]

[likely/low] Limited to low lifespan races. No deity
bonuses. Extreme confidence/ignorance leads to morale or other
bonus. Monk [possible/low]

[likely/medium] Monastery and/or monks required to be
remote. [possible/low] Does beginning level education/ivory tower
work. [possible/low] Does beginning level martial arts. Necromancer [likely/medium]

[likely/medium] Non-accursed necromancers will be
required to 'unlock' research into higher level necromancy, death
cults, and societal projects. Enchanter [tentative/low]

[possible/low] With the advent of power stones (use of
crystal and magic to power machinery), enchanters become
available to make the stones and work arcanic projects. Sage [tentative/low]

[tentative/low] Specialist magical researcher, who
forgoes ability to work projects, and learn combat spells to
better work pure research. Dream Sculptor [possible/medium]

[tentative/medium] Psionic specialist who provides
friendly units in a tile or small area with a bonus (happiness,
contentment, AP?, bonus to hit?) depending on Psionic skill (and
perhaps crafting/people/mental).
[possible/low] High skill sculptors may allow negative bonuses to unfriendly units. Inquisitor [tentative/medium]

Likely a psionic specific profession for societal order. Reaper [tentative/low]

[likely/low] A priestlike profession in societies that
accept necromancy. Friendly units which die in range of the
reaper are automatically brought to the priest and raised into
undead. TODO:
[likely/low] More combat professions.
[likely/low] More magic professions.
[likely/low] More psionic professions
[possible/low] More uncommon/cultural/reward professions
[possible/low] More Accursed/Draconic specific professions

It's going to be a little tough to walk the line where the different professions are different but still useful/meaningful. I hate how most 4x games just give you 20 varieties of fighting unit.

Also, since professions are "for life" the professions will help out the difference between long lived races [where certain projects are available, ex. Mythals will require a single unit work on them as their 'lifetime achievement'] and short lived races [who can adapt professions each generation being more nimble to the empire's needs]
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