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C++, the STL and the GPL

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As I'm redoing the Nehe SDK for the updated site, I've been looking into the libraries I can use without licensing problems - in other words licences that won't restrict the use to which the SDK can be put. Viral licenses such as the GPL are therefore a no no. I don't have a personal problem with the GPL, but as a commercial developer I have to know the legal consequences of every third party code I use.

This reminded me of a problem that few developers seem to be aware of - libstdc++, the Standard C++ library that ships with gcc is GPL. Most people think that like glibc, it is LGPL. Therefore, whenever you use the standard library in a normal gcc environment (linux, mingw, cygwin, etc), your application automatically falls under the GPL.

Fortunately there is a way around it, as well as standardizing your application to a single Standard Library. This is the well known STLPort which has a simple "as is" free license. This standardization also sorts out the STL problems with pre-Visual Studio .net.

Hopefully updating the SDK will help me write more in this journal, as my present position isn't especially game related at the moment [sad].
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Interesting, I never realised that thing about things being built with gcc potentially all having the viral gpl assigned to it.

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libstdc++ v3, which became the official default C++ standard library for gcc in November 2000 and I believe is used in all gcc versions from 3.0 upwards is licensed under the GPL with the runtime-exception. This does not infect compiled programs with the GPL. The licensing details can be found here.


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