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Ethereal Darkness Interactive Update

I actually helped out today. I'm evidentally either not as good at this puzzle thing as I used to be or I'm just not putting any effort into or something because I spend 75% of my time thinking about it and I haven't helped a damn bit. I guess I'll just have to try to focus.

DragonForge Technology

Shader system is pretty concrete now. Texture system needs to be reimplemented using the new system and I need to add matrices to the Graphics class and then dftGraphics will be finished (for the last time hopefully.) dftInput doesn't need to be touched and dftAudio only has a few problems left. So, I'm almost back to the point where I could actually start working on game elements. Whats going to happen this time?

I've decided to archive the render state and sampler manager since they don't really help (since I can't intercept messages from Direct3D. I'm really thinking about writing a separate Direct3D DLL for some of the ideas I came up.)

I think the next on my list (after finishing the graphics and audio module) is to actually get something started. I have 5 game ideas that I keep going on about and nothing done.

Strategy RPG
BG style RPG
Champions of Norrath style RPG
Side scroller
PaC adventure game

Edit 1: Forgot my 2D strategy RPG idea
Edit 2:
Oops, forgot my Hockey MMO w/ Hulk Marriage.

I'm going to do them in that order. FPS will be pretty simple and straight forward. Single player with the best AI I can come up with (i.e. shitty) and some different play type and a maybe a build-a-play-type editor. All of the maps will consist of 2 bases or no bases (i.e. defend and attack or RAKATM (run around killing anything that moves)). No plans for network or multiplayer (since 2 player FPS on a single computer is just plain gaytastic.)

I'm not going to go into the others since I haven't really thought them out yet.


I figured instead of writing a bunch of articles and such, I'm just going to discuss different topics and actually use this space. So, expect something here in the next few entries.

Other news

Monitor came today and I <3 it! I <3 it a lot.

@ Any questions/comments about my wall: I live in an attic of a 100+ year old house, give me a break (and now that I'm getting extra money I'm going to be redoing the whole room.)

@ Any questions/comments about my desk: My friend made it and I spend all of my time game deving (that is why its trashed.)

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Recommended Comments

Wow! Very nice! In the first shot I thought that they were both laptops. [grin]

Keep up the uber progress!

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Thats what I thought when I looked at the first. I'll do my best with the uber progress =D.

Did you check out your article yet?

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Nice wall :)

I hope that's a shader article (GLSL??) you are talking about. I'm getting close to jumping into shader world and I could sure use some advice to get started in the right direction.

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@Nit - Yea its a shader article, but its HLSL (I haven't tried learning OpenGL yet.)

@Hothead - I use a very special technique. Before I take any pictures, I push everything out of the frame =Þ.

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I've wanted to track down an extra 4:3 display to use in portrait mode for awhile, but sadly the OS X monitor software no longer has "screen rotation" options like it used to.

Perhaps there's a hack or something. I'm quite happy with my two-page 19" TFT though.

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Yea, being able to turn the monitor for some things is really cool, but whoever came up with this design is retarded. The monitor only turns one direction and that would be the direction that causes my side USB ports to face down =/ (making me unplug all of both my keyboard and my mouse if I have them plugged in their.)

But, its an awesome monitor for only $470 bucks. It has 4 USB ports on it, component hookup, s-video hook-up, DVI-D (which is what I'm using), VGA, Picture in Picture (for composite or s-video) and picture by picture (also only for composite or s-video.) And I can switch in between any of the connections by pushing one of the buttons on it (I current have my laptop and desktop hooked up to it which is pretty cool. Desktop - *typa typa typa* *ka click* laptop - *turn on porn* etc.)

Edit: I meant *turn on music* <_< >_>

Edit 2: Also, the FPS is moving down a peg. I'm going to start my strategy RPG first since I already know all of the 2D stuff I need to know to make it and I can use the tile engine I'm making for that in my tile engine article. I'll be doing little demos for 3D stuff though (i.e. heightmaps, loading and animating models, etc.)

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