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IBTSH (In Before The Shadow Haters)

OMG Your Tree's are on TOP of your sweet tiki bar's shadow!!!

... [/exitstageleft]

Man that Tiki Bar Looks sweet as hell! Keep up the great modeling man! =)


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Is it easy to turn off shadows? if it is, I'd be interested in seeing what the game would look like without them. I don't think they really look bad, but if your going in an your going to nit-pik the graphics then they start to stand out.

the tiki-bar looks really good, but sadly it shows how your making the shadows, as the chairs are see-through.

Over all things look great, I like the colors, everything looks clean and clear.

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I think I need to consult with Shelly here, but I don't think women wear their backpack straps over their breasts like that. Whenever Shelly's worn a backpack, she wears it much the same as a man would, with the straps over her shoulders and under the arms, well to the side of the breasts.

Seems like it's be a mite uncomfortable wearing your backpack like that, especially when it got full of stuff.

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Yes! Free the boobs for christ sake! Shiesh Man!

*Petitions for a Women to join the Development Team*

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yeah a few people have commented on the backpack thing.

my only comment on it so far is:

it was an absolute pain to fit the backpack period.

however I am going to try and change it when I do some revisions to the character. =)

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