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I Heart MMO's

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E3 Expo!No I'm not There
So E3 is turning out to be GREAT this year. I am definitely stoked to see some of this new technology come out into the lights to be viewed upon by the masses!

With that said, I am incredibly hyped to see some information come out about V:SoH [vanguard saga of heros].

New Screens!

Other then that. Wii and the PS3's controller technology looks really interesting. It will definitely be shaping the future with the latest and greatest gameplay. But, in all reality, I don't think I could handle it for too long.

I can't belive how much Sony is putting the PS3 up for. 500 - 600$. We are definitely in a new generation for this industry and I am very interested to see how it will turn out. I know there has got to be a LOT of parents that just cant buckle down that high for christmas and a LOT of college kids can't afford to chunk out that sort of cash. We'll see. What do you think the prices are going to be set at in 4 more years? Eeech....

I'm glad I love the PC, screw the console market.
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