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Stephen R


I was outside most of today. Nothing special but it did take me away from Raw. I'm still happy with its progress but there is one aspect that I'm becoming increasingly worried about. I'm not sure whether the UI is at all intuitive enough for a game of this complexity. But its because of its complexity that the UI is complicated. Seems kind of parodoxical to me. I have no idea how I'm going to fix it. What I am going to do is just get the game playable and see what happens in the playtests.

A few friends are arranging a gathering on saturday, the 21st I think. That gives me a week - six and a half days - to get this game playable. We have a few things to test. One guy wrote a text-based adventure game in qbasic. Another guy has a few quake maps for us to try out. And then theres Raw. I'm not sure what kind of reception its going to receive, but we'll see.

I had two ideas for my next game. The first one is a herding game, based on a 3d landscape. There would be sheep scattered over an area and your job would be to gather them before the time runs out, or they are killed by wolves, or another player gets them first, or a combination of the above. You would have two powers, left-click would be a lightning bolt that would scare sheep away, and right click would be rain which would attract sheep to the fresh green grass. A simple idea, it might be fun though.

My second idea consisted of managing a colony of ants. I've always had a fascination with ants. I was thinking of a kind of Dungeon Keeper style game, where I would order worker ants (imps) to hollow out chambers, and then you could set their function. There would be different classes of warior ants. Like bullet ants that camakazee by making their heads shoot off towards an enemy with the speed of a bullet [grin]. The enemies would be worms and such. If your queen was killed then you lose the mission. This game is much more complicated.

I will probably do one then the other. Just so you know both ideas are copyrighted, tradmarked, patented and cursed. If I see any games like them in the GDS I will personally hunt down whoever posts them and whine like a little girl. It wouldn't be pretty but I'd do it.

Well I have a lot of work to do on Raw, so I'll be working late tonight. Hopefully I'll finish the internal management code tonight. Then I can get onto the fun part - interplanetary management.
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