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OMG ! No updates!

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Emmanuel Deloget


That's true, no update. Even worse, the last update I made told you that I planned to release the RPG console game and some goodies during April - I was not able to do so, mostly because my life is accelerating and my spare time is now very short. As a consequence, my post rate slightly decreased during the last weeks.

Needless to say, I apologize for everything.

Anayway, I don't forget it - I just postpone the release date because I have tons of things to do (yes, Maz, I'm working) and not enough time to do it.

Some good news about me: I'm going to find enough money to buy a flat or a small house - I'm going to own my nest! Of course, I need to be careful about this (loads of money, everything is coming from the bank).

I would also speak of a great idea: the creation of a C++ standard math library for game development. A great discussion occured in the past few days on sweng-gamedev.

How many of you would be interrested in a standard math library for game development?
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I'm also looking to buy a house. Problem is, northern virginia is one of the more expensive places to live in the US. I don't have $550,000 to throw down on a smalllll smallll house. We might have to do a town house first. Good luck on the property hunt!

Oh, and a standard math library for vectors, quats, matricies, etc would be really cool.

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Hey, there was another user, also french, Charles B who I believe began and got very far with a C++ Math library. I believe he gave up work on it because there were certain hitches to do with the SIMD instruction set that were very horrid, made the whole endeavour not worth continuing and essentially stopped the project dead in its heels.

Another user, jyk, is currently working on a C++ math library to handle quaternions, vectors matrices that is coordinate handedness independent. He has made fair headway, i think. You may wish to contact him about it.

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