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I wanna live on a pacific island

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Just a quick update from me...

I'm trying hard to NOT start any new projects at the moment. I cleared all my university coursework earlier in the week leaving me just three two-hour exams on the 20th, 25th and 2nd. I'm not expecting anything too challenging, but its my last chance to prove to myself (if no-one else) that I can pull out a solid set of results. Dropped the ball in the last round, dont want to finish that way...

I finally managed to get Microsoft Beta Client and File Transfer Manager to talk. Just decided that if I beat them with blunt instruments that they'd get the message...

So, filed bug reports on my failed Vista installs - hopefully that'll translate to a working build sometime in the future.

Also, and one I can't really talk about in any detail... Mid week the developer MVP's got invited onto the MS partner extranet to preview some of the Visual Studio 'Orcas' (the next version after VS'05) planning work. It's really early stuff from the looks of it - outlines of intentions and so on, but its made for an interesting read. Still, its one hell of an opportunity [grin]

I've always known that I dont make anywhere near full use of VStudio's features - primarily because I dont do business applications and dont use .NET. Looking over the 'Orcas' features and so on only confirmed that I really dont use much of the technology [oh]
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