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And then there was movement...

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Heya all,


Today's seen the introduction of a pseudo camera system, a system timer, and "character" movement. I can now move the box around the scene with World of Warcraft key/mouse style controls. [cool]


Tomorrow I'll likely polish off the camera controls and then add gravity so we can make the box "jump." [grin]

For the Future:

I think the eventual goal will be to plug this little engine up to my random maze generator. Perhaps add a few more generators for mazes of different styles other then perfect mazes. Some possible options include braid mazes where there's no dead ends, and unicursal where there's no intersections. Then I might connect a series of randomly generated mazes together via long passage ways...you exit one maze just to be connected to another maze. Very "Gauntlet," I know. [disturbed]

And then we'll add networking, so you and your friends can get lost in the maze together!!!

And dont forget the...

Picture of the Day:

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Nice. And, you could play tag in the multiplayer maze! Like pacman multiplayer. Thatd be way fun.

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Are you going to release this engine? This is look like a very nice engine.

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