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"EDI Games Presents... Morning's Wrath 2: Beach Party"

Awesome, keep it up!

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I am completely stymied by the shadow that blue towel is leaving.

Please please please allow me to turn off the shadows as an option.

Oh, and while you're just getting started with the engine, have the option to switch between windowed and full-screen. When I complained about this in MW, you said that it was too far along in the development process to do it. You have no excuse now.

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the engine is actually 'done', but you're in luck.

it currently has full support for windowed and full screen modes, all of the screen shots to date have been taken in windowed mode, since it makes debugging easier.

as far as turning off shadows, might make it an option.

besides, unless I am greatly mistaken you won't be playing this game either. [grin]

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I guess it depends on the game, but you're probably right. Fact is, I really don't like games that are immersive, mainly because they lag well behind books in the story department. Much like the best games out there are about on par with a Roger Corman movie on the scale of production, virtually all games with story are about on a par with a Barbara Cartland romance novel in depth.

For example, I just finished reading Parable of the Sower and Parable of the Talents by Octavia Butler, and there's nothing even approaching the emotional response those books elicited from me in the video-game world.

That's why the games I write (and play for that matter) have no depth whatsoever. If I want depth, I'll read a book. If I want production values, I'll watch a movie.

Immersive video games hold as much intellectual and emotional value for me as joining a fan-club for my model of car. My car is a four-wheeled conveyance that'll get me from place to place, and I hold no emotional or intellectual ties to it that are any deeper than keeping the oil changed. Ditto for games. I want games that are quick, emotionally light, and don't make me long to be with them when I'm not actually playing them.

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and there is where we don't see eye to eye.

I find games (old school adventure games), to have a lot of immersive quality. there are some out there that I really enjoyed and still continue to enjoy in replaying and memory.

so I try to make games which have similar qualities, I belive immersion is in the eye of the beholder, for these reasons I don't like casual games, I feel they have no depth and no overall purpose.

If books do it for you awesome =) graphic adventure games do it for me, and that is why I am here. =D

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