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More map editor goodness packed into every antelop

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Domain Returns!

Both http://www.skirmishonline.com and http://forum.skirmishonline.com are up and running [at time of writing]. GoDaddy email support I found much better, and no long-distance charges!

So poke around the forum if you haven't already. :P

Hot Sauce

I got some hot sauce in my eye today at work. Ow; it stung a lot. The doctors say I may never code again. [sad]

Skirmish Map Editor (SME)

More done on the editor today, despite Geo/Discrete sub-test at school and work afterwards. Today:

  • Ground(s)
  • Drawing/display test ground
  • Scrolling the map with arrow keys (speed scroll with SHIFT+arrows)
  • Applying Ground to the map
  • Selecting palette types (via buttons)
    [ ] Tile(s)
  • Drawing/display test tiles (random scatterment)
  • Display existing Tiles in palette
  • Draw no-draw tiles on out-of-map tiles
    [ ] Applying Tiles to the map (via drag+drop rectangles)
  • Get rectangle logic/mouse-dragging working
  • Handle rectangle 'flipping' cases
  • Draw based on rectangle data

  • (I still need to have the selection-rectangles (not shown) scroll with the screen properly (arg!))
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    Looking good! I really wish I had the internet at home now :O

    I don't envy the task ahead of you as you always end up juggling data with GUIs, there's always so much to update everytime something happens.

    This actually reminds me of a map editor I made in quick basic (with a svga library) although you've done that in a few days whereas it took me several weeks! Good work!

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