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Arrogant? Me?

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Take a look at ECMA Standard 119 for the ISO9660 filesystem.

Specifically, scroll down to section 8.4 and take a look at the table they've got there. Notice anything wrong?

I don't think that bytes 8 through 2048 are really (Reserved for future standardisation). I think someone copy-pasted the table from the section before and didn't erase the last entry.

What do you think? I've emailed the ECMA helpdesk to see if they can help me out.

Edit: They just got back to me, and agree with my conclusion. I found an error in an ECMA standard! [grin]
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hehe, whos the observant one...

Given that theres a considerable amount of overlap with the offsets and that 1396-2048 are also reserved for later use I'd concur with your assessment.

So, why you wanting to know about the CDROM file system then?


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I'm writing a C# library for working with ISO files. When it's done, I'm going to use it to write an MSBuild/XNABuild component to create an ISO file at the end of the MC2 build pipeline...

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Neat idea.

I've not looked into XNABuild yet, but I presume it just creates a bunch of files for you to burn to DVD/CD manually?

Given the copy-protection stuff that some games use(d), I'm surprised there isn't something similar to what you describe...


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No, it ultimately has nothing to do with CDs/DVDs - it's just a build system. In truth it's a suite of specialised MSBuild tasks, with a couple of added-on tools for dependency management, all targetted at assets (rather than source code).

It's just that I don't see why it shouldn't have build tasks for creating installer packages and building ISOs, so I'm creating them - not least because I want to do some work on autorun and zero-install with MC2, and I kinda need to be working from disc images for that.

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