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I've averaged at between 3 and 4 hours of sleep for over 7 days straight now. Mostly due to assignment work. I added up some more content to the Empyrean Gate wiki wrt Cultures within the game.

I liked the distinct culture phases that were apparent in Diablo II from act to act. This was fairly well done, especially the melding of multiple cultures into an uber-culture (well, they were similar cultures anyway).

I have been trying to think of some more story fillers/side quests, and when I say 'some more' I mean 'at least one' ;). My brain really isn't functioning.

Oh, I got my results from the marketting assignment. What a lousy thing it was. 66%. But at least it isn't a fail (and its mostly to do with the fact that I didn't "layout" the PPT effectively. Who cares. I had the content!)

Anyway. Its time for me to get somewhere near the first 8 hours sleep in 7 days (I believe I am actually up near 14 days for sleep ranging between 3-6 hours per night)... Up until today I hadn't felt it. I really should not have been driving around today :/
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