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The joys of completing something...

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Over the past week and a half I've been working on Combat Systems although I've been involved with the design elements for the past two months. Today I finished the ground work and over the last hour began implementing test weaponry. A semi-auto pistol that I already had as a test of the system, a pump-action shotgun, machine-pistol and a semi-auto/burst-fire rifle. It's exciting because each of these involved adding new code to support the fire mode but the majority is running from the systems already in place. At twenty minutes to add a new fire mode and create a test weapon to demonstrate it I like to think it works okay. It's just nice to see the culmination of a few months work come together.

Other than that BBC Radio 1 have taken over Dundee for the weekend so I'm going to avoid the city centre as much as humanly possible.
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I just signed up for a Gamer Tag.... I don't own either a Xbox or Xbox 360, but I figure I'll use it one day.

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Me either. :D

My housemate does though, although I keep forgetting to sign myself in, hence the complete lack of score. :(

Or was that sarcasm.

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Guest Anonymous Poster


You suck so bad it hurts.
I should really do some w**k now

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