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Slow page for you?

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I got a complaint from Rick that pages are running slowly, specifically on this journal page. At first, I suspected that the problem was the recent Flash 8.5 beta which has a documented memory leak, but it turns out he's using Flash 8.0.22 and IE 6, which should be pretty solid leak-wise.

According to Rick, if you bring up this journal page and let it sit, it gets slower and slower.

There's a lot of active content on top of this page, specifically seven Flash animations. Only three of those animations, though, should be taking up any CPU (the three that you see moving right now). The others, specifically the "coming soon" placeholders and the dopey theme-player, should just be sitting quietly.

Rick suspects it's Gamedev's javascript that's bogging things down and not my Flash stuff. This could probably be borne out by looking at other journals without any active content. But if there's no active content, there's really little to tell you that a page is being a hog.

I had always planned to make the stuff up there "lighter" when I get a chance, slowing down the framerate or maybe even making 'em animated GIF files or even just static pictures, but I want to make sure that it'll actually make a difference.

Is anyone else getting the impression that the journal pages and/or my page in particular is a browser-hog?

Also note that he's reading this page directly on www.gamedev.net. You can read this page from my stuff www.thecodezone.com (which just floating-frames this page and adds yet another layer of complexity to the mix), but he did confirm that there's nothing framing gamedev when the page runs poorly, so there's something right here on this page that's hogging up the works.

I can always shut off my silly header up there just to see if that clears things up, but I'm gonna solicit other ideas first. Anyone?
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I fired up firefox and ie 6 on your page an hour today. (I know your post is less than an hour old, I was doing an experiment with Firefox memory leaks). It looks like I'm running version 8.x of flash (How do I tell exactly?). I'm running version 8,0,22,0.

After an hour firefox's memory usage had grown from 28M to 1.1G and explorer's had grown from 36M to 55M. Both were still responsive though

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I left your page open, amongst other tabs, for a couple of hours, and likewise, when I got back the mem usage was over a gig. Took quite a long time for the system to start being reasonably responsive again [grin]

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