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So, I'm going to try and write this journal about development of Spineless game engine and a game I'm going to start making on top of it.

As you can read on the web site:
Spineless is a generic cross-platform 3D game engine implemented in Python with Pyrex optimizations. Focus is on flexibility, clean design and ease of use, not pure speed or bleeding edge graphics.

Spineless is still very incomplete and not really ready for big projects, but it does have the basic building blocks for a game, and you could make small games with it. I would appreciate feedback, comments and suggestions.

Spineless is also as much an experiment as a serious attempt to write a 3D game engine with Python.

Currently I'm working on getting ready for the next release, 0.3. I'm doing some cleanup at the moment, and there's still the model loader which needs to be rewritten as soon as I can decide if I continue to use my own XML-based format or start using Collada (don't worry, a binary format will be defined too, this is just an intermediary format).

I'm also thinking of throwing away the centralized event manager altogether and start using the Signal/Slots pattern and cooperatively scheduled tasks instead. I'm yet to figure out if these would fit all the cases I'm using events for at the moment, but my hunch is that it would be far better an alternative.

More about Spineless and the game project I'm starting later. Feel free to comment, but try to keep flaming to a minimum (yes, I already know I'm at least a bit insane trying to write a 3D game engine with Python). :)

I just bought the GDNet+ membership and it seems I can't change my avatar or upload to the FTP server yet... So "pretty" pictures will have to wait for a later entry.
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Cool!, and.... let me be the first to say, Welcome to Journal land! here be some + to add to yar treasure trove :)

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