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Ethereal Darkness Interactive Update

Still brainstorming... Came up with a good idea, now I just have to sketch it out.

DragonForge Technology

Nothing ever seems to work out for me. After I spent part of the night doing a mockup of the system I want to use for my strategy RPG, I realized that its going to require a 3D engine >_< (well, I could get away with orthographic system and billboards, but I'd rather go full 3D.) So, I'm going to spend a few days learning this 3D stuff and then I'll go from there.


Other news

I've decided how I'm going to do the tile engine articles. First I'm going to do one on a very simple pre-transformed multi-layer engine. The second article will use an orthographic multi-layer design and incorporate fringing as well as a little bit of shader goodness. Both engines will handle entities, smooth scrolling, and events (I had planned on finishing them soon, but I decided that I'd rather spend more time on them and incorporate these extra features.) Also, both articles will assume that you know how to create a direct3D device and load a texture (and the second will also assume you have some basic HLSL knowledge.)

Also, I'd like some more feedback on the first article I wrote - HLSL article (i.e. did I go to fast, code dump too much, etc.)

And finally, for your viewing pleasure, here are 2 computers that I did up for the fun of it (the first is at the beginning and the second is the finished version):


Almost finished

Finished (rounded joystick handles and filled in some uncolored areas; thanks to kogh for tips on the handles)

Can of pop for you

Now, I'm off to eat and then sketch out some stuff for Project2.

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