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Another absence?!?!

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For shame, Omegavolt. FOR SHAME!

Yep, I was out for a bit there but for good reason. After having to ask for help with the isometric WASD movement for my game, I tried to add the character/item interaction. Now, I thought I knew enough about GLBasic to pull that off. Add the sprite, set the collision, set the button press, remove the sprite, add item ID to inventory array.

Simple, right?

Well, turns out, my array was giving me errors and there wasnt an obvious command for sprite removal. So, I took a break. Yeah. Its hard for me to learn enough of a language to be able to create commands, but then the commands not work like I think they should. Completely frustrating and probably more of a motivation killer than not knowing the language at all. Thats the road to disaster for me. I had planned to ask the GLBasic creator AGAIN to help, but decided to hold off a bit lest I become too much of a pest. I mean, the guys programmed 75% of what Ive created so far. Why am I bothering???

But lo and behold, I have been rescued! In the form of a fellow OnGameDev'er named WyldKarde. He has plans to make a game just like mine and he plans for himself and his team to do the programming. They just need me to sprite it. :D

Does this mean Ive given up on MY dream? Not just yet, my friend. Not knowing whether WyldKarde and company have planned enough of this game out prevents me from knowing if they have the tenacity to complete it. So I'll have to keep my idea on the shelf, not trash it completely. Because one never knows. In the meantime, Ill use GLBasic for easier projects to get my feet wet in its mucky syntax to be ready to reload in case the new project goes tits up.

Here goes nothing. :P
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