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Me, productive!?

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Ethereal Darkness Interactive Update

Thats right, I was actually productive on Project2 and I plan to keep it up =D. I did four sketches today, two of which were useable (also gave me some concept art practice.) came up with a really nice puzzle/event in my opinion that sets up an important event in the game.

DragonForge Technology

Nothing to update because I didn't work on dft or any of my projects today.


Other news

I have someone that is looking forward to my first tile engine article, so I plan on getting it finished between saturday and sunday. The article will cover a lot of topics pretty quickly. I'm skipping over most of the Direct3D stuff since I assume that you know that, plus I want to keep it more generic (so that it can be used for other languages and APIs.) Heres a list of some of the topics I plan to cover:

  • Multi-layer map system
  • Animation
  • Collision detection
  • Entities
  • Events

I'll be thinking about it throughout the night and I might expand it to cover making a whole basic RPG since I'm already covering most of the stuff. We'll see (I'll update in the morning.)

I almost bought an ATI x1600 today, but decided I didn't want to add another $250 to my debt just yet (lots of debt == me getting a different job == less time for projects == bad idea; lots of debt is a bad idea anyway.) I do however, plan on buying a set of speakers and a new sound card since for some reason, my current speakers pick up a radio station (I have absolutely no idea why. They're the only speakers in the house that do it, and of course its all staticy and low so its just loud enough to be annoying and not loud enough for me to understand =/.)

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