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Camera shens

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OK so the whole 1/2 updates per day thing kind of died down. The reason being that I'm back at my normal summer jorb. Doing degrading physical grunt work for next to nothing, HOORAY!

So development has slowed down, but I did mangae to create that camera class I wanted. I can now walk around the levels. The movement is really jumpy and I can just walk from sector to sector regardless of the height difference. Still walking up a big flight of stairs is for some reason, entertaining.

Anyay this weekend's jobs are:

1) Fix the damn texture coords on middle and unpegged segs.
2) Fix wall rendering( ie. don't use a DrawUserPrimitives for EVERY quad )
3) The HUD
4) Kickass weapon animations

I was going to start on collision, but that brings up the problem of doors and not actually being able to move anyplace. Of course in order to create a door class I need to fix the wall render code. So it's all just one big circle of things that need to be fixed in order to fix other things.

Here are some random screenshots, because it's a f*cking crime to have an entry without them:

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