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Okay, so I'm back home. Hooray.

I have an old box which I'd like to make useful, but I'm not sure what to use it for. A major limiting factor at this point is the OS - WinME. I tried to install OpenBSD on it tonight, but my efforts were easily defeated by being unable to create a proper bootable CD (even from an ISO). Don't know what I was doing wrong, but I know the system supports it - the restore CD doesn't require a floppy to boot from.

Anyway, some possibilities for this box so far -
  • HTTP Server: This would be an easy option, probably just involving installing Apache or some other software on it. I'm not quite sure what I'd use it for, however...
  • Subversion (or other version control software): this actually would serve a purpose, however, the server doesn't support WinME. Which means I'd have to switch to another OS, which is painful.
  • Host some game or something - requires me to actually have something to host. And could potentially eat up a lot of bandwidth, and I'm not sure about my limitations.

Another major problem at this point (especially with OpenBSD) is that I'm running almost 100% off a wireless connection. OpenBSD's driver support for that sort of hardware is absolute shite (because of their free-distribution policy) and I'd probably end up having to buy a bridge for it to work. Which is expensive and I am poor.

So I guess what I'm looking for is an easy, cheap fun thing I can do with this machine. That isn't smashing it or otherwise destroying it, because its still in perfect working order (except for the OS, which was never in working order).

Suggestions/comments/ideas ? :(
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I've got a hydroelectric plant in the back next to the waterfalls and unicorns. It isn't as bad as it seems - the unicorns rarely impale small children and drown them mercilessly. Rarely.

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Have you ever tried to set up subversion? If you think getting rid of Windows ME is pain... :D

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/me doesn't know what the above poster is talking about, I had subversion set up in under 5 minutes =D.

You should modify it into an electric scooter that downloads and plays music and porn. Thats what I would do.
I vote you make a robot. Maybe even a racist or sexist robot. Definitely a robot though.
Edit: A robot that dances to music. No porn though, that would be... disturbing (or in Mushu's case, gratifying.)

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Gratifying indeed :)

Actually, I ended up just packing it into my closet. I'll work on it some more when I get back to Uni and have some more deskspace, because I honestly have none at home. So... yeah.

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