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Almost there...

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New Title screen / High Score table:

Score counter in-game

All I need to do is add a little screen for entering your initials and I'll be set.

As a side note, I believe it is actually impossible not to beat some of the scores on that table.
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Lol, I would expect to see Pacman and the Ghost move across the bottom of the screen.

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I was planning on having some enemies moving around the background. I might still do it, but I would actually have to create a level for the title screen so I could use the ingame enemy objects.

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Whoa, that yellow-on-teal is a harsh look. May I recommend a black font? :) The high score table will be cool, it should add a good incentive to replay multiple times. :)

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I agree a different color for the in-game score counter might be needed. However, it can't be something too dark, or it won't show up on Level 4.

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You should have a competition to design the back drops in your levels so you can get some wicked art work in your game! Your programmer art does rule but imagine with some amazing detail in there!

I'd offer some in-game credit like a baddy named after the person or a line in the credits.

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