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I'm continually impressed with my own ability to neglect this site (I simply refuse to call it a... blog. Such a silly word). Last time I apologized that I had successfully forsaken the site for about a week, and this time I'll apologize for successfully forsaking the site for, roughly, ten days. To make up for this from the get-go, I present to you two pictures with cuteness levels which have the ability to make all neglectful behavior disappear. Exhibit A and Exhibit B. I do hope that, now, all has been forgiven.

Anyhoo, in short, I'm basically just going to say that things have been going relatively awesome for me lately. Things are good. Very good, indeed. Thanks to a new girlperson in my lifething, I've actually been experiencing certain places in Ann Arbor that I had previously never visited nor, for that matter, ever knew existed. These places include, though are certainly not limited to, Tk Wu (a Chinese place that gives helpings of food which could bury a person alive), and then one bar which is like the classic, dimly-lit, smoke-filled pub-esque thing, and then the one I went to last night which was dark, neat multi-floor setup, live music, and all sorts of good fun. There were also people dancing. I'm sure that those people enjoyed that, but if I attempted to dance, there would be an apocalypse of catastrophic proportions (which I believe the term "apocalypse" would imply, so now I'm just being redundant) that would ruin the future of the Earth for generations to come. Which is to say there won't be any more generations. Ever.

Thoguh, when I point out that things are going very well, I do of course have an implied clause: things are going very well except for the whole Intensive Spanish thing. This class remains the winner of the "least fun course" that I've ever taken; with my Calc 3 class (not necessarily . As of now, though, I'm two weeks through the course (which corresponds to ten weeks of the normal-speed courses taken during the standard semesters) and only have four left to go. If I don't pass this class, there will be an entire choir of pandas lying in wait to cry for my unfortunate situation; thankfully, I think I'd have to go out of my way in order to not pass that class.

On a game-related note, I would like to say that Rise of Legends is a whole buncha fun (though quite different from its forerunner, Rise of Nations). Sin Episodes: Emergence (my screenshots here) reeks of a polished Half-Life 2 mod, with little more going on. I'm also entirely not a fan of the idea of episodic games, either. If I wanted to watch a story developer over a number of short episodes, I'd watch TV, where the acting, writing, and plotlines are generally superior in every way. I play a game to get a nice amount of playtime, not a segmented storytelling attempt. And I'm enjoying Guild Wars: Factions (gallery) quite a decent amount whenever I get the spare time to feel like I could dig my teeth into a quest or two.

As for my novelthing, I just recently finished up work on the third chapter. It's a fairly short chapter thus far, but I think that will change a bit once I get to work on editing it. And, oh, how it needs to be edited. I'm not sure when this hypothetical editing will occur, but I'm assuming that it'll be at least a week. Probably more, though.

I'm also finally getting around to following up on the commonly-received recommendations I get saying that I just must read some of Kurt Vonnegut's work. Currently I'm working my way through Cat's Cradle and I think I see why some of my writing gets compared to the guy. Granted, he's infinitely more intelligent and witty, but I think the brand of humor is similar. But that would be putting myself on a pedestal that I'm not nearly deserving of quite yet.

I think that's about all I've got to say at the moment. Currently, in a typical icky bout of Michigan's schizophrenic weather climate, it's about fifty degrees, dark, windy, and has been raining buckets all day. So, with that said, it's only logical that I'll go for a short run.

so glad to meet you
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