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Only in Seattle.....

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Mike Bossy


...is it possible to be sitting around in a coffee shop with your laptop, working on a game and have the VP of a major three console developer sit right next to you. Okay maybe not just in Seattle but there are few places. J Allard is trying too hard to be hip. He needs to tone back a little bit. Maybe that's why he wasn't on stage at E3.

Outside of celebrity spotting I've been tied up in legal paper work. Getting my art contracts all written up is more work than I could have imagined. The wearing a lot of hats thing isn't necessarily fun when you're dealing in legalese. I'll be glad when this "learning experience" is done.

On a coding side while I'm waiting for new art to come in I'm whipping together a quick level editor for creating my levels. Up to this point I've been doing it by hand using Visual Studio to edit XML files. As you can guess this is more than a little tedious. Using code from my game I hope to get a simple editor whipped up in a couple hours that will hopefully save me countless hours of pain.

Tools are something I deal with a lot in my day job and I have to say they are almost always worth the time investment. The majority of the time they are huge time savers. In the AAA publishing environment tools are a multi-million dollar saver on an annual basis. Small one person shops can benefit big time from lessons learned by the big boys.
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