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I am in a foul mood.

One of the interviews from last week turned me down, and the other isn't due to decide for a few more days at the latest. This means I get to call my folks for Mother's day and dance around unemployement while knowing full well they're intelligent enough to know that no "yay! I got a job" means the opposite. Plus it means I'll hit my Monday anniversay of a full year of unemployment which will put me into an even fouler mood.

Hockey last night was just a bunch of uneven teams, so I got pissed off and left early. I tried to code up an Active Unit layer for the map, so the active unit gets a little blinking cursor, and auto-bound keys for movement and orders. I got something kinda working, but it was a horrible hack, and far too fragile for even prototype use.

I'm just going to give up, grab some sweets, watch some TV and let the weekend blow over.
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