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Orb Render

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In the ever increasing effort to increase my modeling skills, the last hour or so were spent on going through a tutorial to craft up this sweet looking Orb.

I learned some very interesting ways to Map/Minipulate textures onto objects through Maya all while molding and crafting a neat little orb.

- Planar Mapping
- Spherical Mapping
- Cylindrical Mapping
- Maya's Automatic Mapping Feature
- Also a wide away of methods to minipulate polygons.

Definitely a facinating and powerfull environment

I also figured out how to fix streched textures by simply relaxing UV's on the object. That has plagued so many past projects that I've attempted. ;)

Here is the lovely orb


It has been quite awhile since the last time I hit up the bowling alley and wow my hand was hurting like hell after the second frame. Feels fine now, but definitely cripples the motivation.

While I was in the Corps I ended up messing up my hand during a round of Combat Soccer. You might be asking yourself, "What the hell is combat soccer?! Stupid military folk!".

Imagine a game of soccer where anything goes. It can get pretty interesting. I watched one of the guys that worked for me flip a lieutenant right over himself, trying to get to the ball. Just for a brief example. ;)

But, yeah... I enjoy bowling and before the crappy incident I was averaging 180 after only playing for a few months.


Vanguard needs to release so I can suck my life away within its world ;]

Oh, and if you dont know. www.vanguardsoh.com ! !

Shhhhhh... Don't tell

EDI's progress on Project2 rocks. The team is puting an incredible amount of effort to bring the engine and story to life and it is coming along very damn well. I had the opportunity to throw in my two cents on the entertainment factor and I've got nothing but good things to say about it.

- m_dave
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You did awesome on that! Mind giving me a link to the tutorial, or does it come with Maya? I've been trying to work on my modelling skills as well =D.

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You can find the the tutorial in the Maya Foundation book:


New from amazon its $44 bucks, used $35. Or you could goto your nearest B&N and pay the YJBO [small](You've Just Been Owned Price)[/small] at $70 bucks. This is also dependent on what version of Maya you are using. I'm using 7.0.

If your serious about _learning_ maya's functionality, this is a great book.

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