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Now back to...whatever I was doing a week ago

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You got a high score!!!11!!1 (that doesn't sound like correct grammer):

The high score table:

On the top of the high scores is my best score for the first four levels. Since Joe was already all over the table, I used my initials JMC.

When I have designed all of the levels, I will ask a few people here to get a high score. I will compile the default high score table of the ten best scores I recieve. Now hopefully anyone who helps me out with this will have a three letter name[lol]

Now I can finally get back to working on Level 5. However, I'm very glad that I went back and worked on these two things. Now the game is less buggy due to the checkpoints, and there is actually a reason to play it more than once due to the high scores. More than that, there is a reason not to just run past every enemy in the level.
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Good job making sure the initials match the necessary format. For me the main concern is people not entering anything and having an empty string; that can really mess up a file parsing method. :)

I didn't think about a 'dark font' not appearing in a level with a dark background, that's a good point. One option would be to keep the yellow (which by itself is fine) and draw a small black rectangle behind it or something. As long as it didn't get in the way of seeing the enemies, that might work nicely.

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You got it exactly right. My concern was that people wouldn't enter anything, and the saving and loading routines would get screwed up. However, I also wanted to give people the choice not to put all three letters. So, if you don't put anything, it will write your name as "___".

Putting a black box around the score counter might be a good idea. I was thinking maybe I should use a dark red font, because that would show up on every level. Now if it will look good remains to be seen.

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