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I was reading a lounge post (no link, you can probably find it easily enough), and I noticed that someone said that devmaster.net was a home for people who got banned from gamedev, where they could flame and be idiots to their heart's content. It's also not the first time I've heard the opinion espoused. (For reference, my opinion is simply that people shouldn't be judged on their actions outside a given community, in that community).

I'm not going to draw any comparisons between gamedev and devmaster, because it would be unfair, but I would like to know what the general opinion of devmaster is? I wouldn't have expected people to think it's anything other than another coding website. Perhaps I'm overreacting, but it does get me a little piqued.

So am I just overreacting to a few idiots, or is there a decidedly newbish opinion of devmaster?

In lighter news I've been watching the first couple of James Bond films. I watched Dr. No earlier, and I'm watching From Russia With Love now. Boy oh boy do they ever reek of 60s :).
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It's not policy or something, I've just noticed a general trend that people we ban from GDNet end up at DevMaster. I'm sure I've spoken to you about one or two of our former members on occasion.

We definitely don't expect to manage your membership; that's all on your head. There are like three choices for places to go now after being banned from GDNet, and one of them is iDevGames. [grin]

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