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Announcing Nitrogen3D

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Well it is about that time which I should announce my current project. Currently a friend and I are embarking on our 3D engine project, which we have been planning on doing for years. Nitrogen3D is a 3D rendering engine which is designed around ease of use and performance. I know this entry is flame bait for people to try to talk us out of the project but just don't waist your time on it. It is just the two of us and this is something we are prepaired for. We will be taking things one step at a time so to say. Piece by piece the engine will slowly come together.

As I said before the main purpose of the engine is to be very easy to use and performant at the same time. We feel that if someone is to use a engine they should be able to use it without having to read endless tutorials and documentations on the engine, and still get the performance that they would expect. (Depending on their hardware of course)

The engine is being written in C++ and the core rendering API currently is confined to OpenGL. However, there are later plans to add DirectX Support. Currently the engine will be only for windows however, linux support is being concidered.

The engine is designed for easy extensibility throughout all the code so that when we do decide to add for instance directx support it will not harm the stability in the engine.

That is all! The engine is in very early stages of development so don't get your hopes up yet.
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