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Full speed ahead!

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I got an expletiveload of coding done today.

  • Goodbye Singletons, and good riddance. Instead of fancypants globals, Spineless now has proper globals. No need to pretend.

  • Implemented ray picking... though it doesn't have a high-level interface yet, it works beautifully.

  • Lots of bug fixes and cleanup.

I'm probably going to include OBJ loading support in Spineless in addition to Collada support (thanks timmeh for the suggestion). It's widely used and probably better supported than Collada since it's been around for ages. Too bad it doesn't support some features such as self-illumination maps, but at least you have a choice now.

Btw, anyone interested should come by and say hello on the #python3d IRC channel on the FreeNode network.

Next up: cleaning up ODE integration and writing a high-level interface for ray picking.
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I'm with you on the singletons. Although the pattern does work, it makes horrible looking code.

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Yea. Instead of the abomination spineless.graphics.display.Display.instance() there's now spineless.graphics.display (which is an instance of spineless.graphics._display.Display), and the same for other singletons. Ok, there was a shortcut to the first one, spineless.graphics.getDisplay(), but the need for a shortcut was a clear sign that something was horribly wrong.

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Guest Anonymous Poster


If you believe at all in Collada as an interchange format, I think it's better to do an obj -> Collada converter (if there isn't one already; it may save you some work to do the research first). Then you can still use all those models:

spinelessModel = collada2model(obj2collada(objfile))

Then, when you change the representation of Spineless models, you only have to update the Collada loader.

Also, the obj2collada converter will be useful for other people (not only Spineless users), so that may be more eyes looking for bugs etc.

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