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whats next!

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so now i'm thinking i wanna do some more prototyping of simpler stuff than dual analog-ing. like, how to do multiple monster striking, simple ai and item screen testing. i'm going to back up and go with d-pad and simple attacks like Z:LA, but i need to make a base for the next series of prototypes to come. we'll have the background, the basic d-pad movement and basic 4-dir sword attacks (with lower-right quadrant weakness and everything).

i want to test out different ways to do hitting monsters with the sword - is it better to have a slash hit just one monster (diablo/maplestory/mana) or as many monsters as are under the blade (zelda/etc)? i want to write test cases for these. i also want to have monster clipping against other monsters as another test case, like in diablo - what's it like if monsters can't walk through each other?

i want to add map clipping to the base demo scenario too, shouldn't be hard to make a static coldet array and do simple box-testing against it.

when you hit a monster, will it be knocked back a little (zelda) or not at all (diablo - without "of the bear"), and alot with "of the bear"? or a little and alot? what is monster clipping against monster like with these cases?

in order to do the monster knockback test, having two swords (one basic, one of the bear) in inventory and allowing selection would be a way to test an item screen. hmm, well i'm just looking for an excuse to make an inventory screen demo. i'll need a full item demo test series for it to really be worth doing. picking up, viewing ground items, viewing in inventory, dropping, equipping, etc.

lots of tests still to try!
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