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Long Day...

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I did not get any programming done today. I went on a BSA trip to a water park... I did bring a pad of paper and pen so I did get a little game design worked out. I am trying to write a storyline for the game currently.

C# has been giving me a plethora of problems. While not insanely different from VB (I do know a little c++, also), It has some quirks that are messing me up. Mainly events, globals, and static classes. I decided to buy a book. See my thread if you would like to suggest one.

I have some good non-programming news, though. I just got my first job today. I had an interview and I will be starting next week! I will be working at Braums (Every Oklahoman knows what these are). I haven't figured my shift out yet, they will wait until after I turn in my W4s and everything, but I am hoping for over 10 hours a week at more than $6.00 an hour (They supposedly pay well). It should be fun, I know quite a few people who work there.

Speaking of W4s, is it just me or are they insanely cryptic. I have been attempting to figure out if I am tax excemt for over an hour. I guess my parents are gonna have to help out...
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