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Quick update

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Just a quick update. I've got most of the things for the article sorted out so I can start working on it after Raymond goes to bed. Heres a nice little mockup screenshot:

Edit - The chunk on the right is what it would look like without fringing and the left is what it would look like with fringing. Yes, the tiles suck, but they look better than plain colors =TH.)

Some of you may be thinking that this looks familar and you'd be right (ok, nobody is saying that, but it makes me feel like someone is actually reading this and I'm not just talking to myself.) This is the same map system that I had built before and lost when my damn website wen't down. Luckily, I still have the fringing algorithm written down or I would be super pissed.

Anyway, now I have to move onto Project2.

On a side note - I got my EDI t-shirt in the mail today, w00t!
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I got my EDI t-shirt in the mail today, w00t!

Oh! Oh! Oh! Lucky! Urburness++!

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Raymond should start selling EDI shirts, he'd make a fortune!

btw, nice job on the models! I especially like the textured robot.

Edit: Also, I didn't think my uberness could go any higher! [wink]

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Oh man, in an industry like this - nobody reaches maximum uberness. It's a forever increasing attribute tagged on each of our souls.

Great work ;)

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