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I was trying to sign up for LOTR Online Beta program.

They asked so many questions that I got tired of answering them. For most part, the questions are about your system configuration.

Normally that would be easy to answer, except that I have 3 different computers, and I use all 3 of them at different times of the week. So on mondays, tuesdays, and fridays, I'm in Toronto and use my laptop. On wednesdays and thursdays I'm in Hamilton and use my laptop when I'm in university and my desktop #2 when I'm at home. And on weekends I'm in Richmondhill and use my desktop #1.
So the questions get confusing when they ask about my system. I can't just list specs on my "best" system because the best parts are mixed all over the place.

I cancelled it after answering a few pages. Screw it, I'll just wait for final release.
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Just give them your best system specs. They just do that kind of thing for demographics.

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I found it funny that, after they asked for all of the system spec crap, they wanted you to paste a copy of dxdiag.txt (which had all of the info in it)...

I'm still trying to get into the beta of vanguard. Argh. ;|

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Even better yet, just do what I do: Not care and completely ignore it when it comes out, and laugh at all the losers who destroy their life playing it (ie: WoW).

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