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Well, there goes the posting spree..

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Remember: not posting doesn't mean not working! [smile]

Map Editor / TOG Editor

The Map Editor (for making maps) and TOG Editor (for making Tile/Object/Ground definitions) are both completed and have been integrated into the game itself. Everything is working just swimmingly on that end.

The new map editor also meant a new map format. This one is much more flexible, allowing for cool new stuff that wasn't possible before. Things like half-walls (for throwing grenades over, but not shooting/walking through), water, and object shadows. Object shadows!?


Yes, now players and objects have shadows. And it feels good. :P

(Sure it's not fancy-dancy 3D hardware shadows, but it gets the job done! [smile])

Login Refactor

My login code has been a realm of disaster since the beginning. I'm still not sure if the first refactor of it helped or not. Either way, I decided to take simplicity as the best route:

1) Client sends login data to server and waits 3000ms for a reply.
2) Server receives login data, creates the player's "shell" and tosses him into Limbo (a playerlist for non-existant players).
3) Server resends gamedata/confirmation to player until a timeout (3000ms again) or an acceptance from the client. Then we're good to go; the player leaves Limbo and enters the Realm of Players(tm).

I've been stuck with a raging bug with regards to the new login sequence that's been plaguing my code AND mind -- seriously, ask Ravuya, I've been blabbing to him non-stop about it :P -- and it seems to finally be fixed. Apparently there's a split-second or between when the player enters the Realm of Players(tm) and when he gets assigned his weapons. As more players join that split-second grows, and grows until TPlayer.Update() gets called and when CurWeapon = nil, well... I'm sure you know the rest. Needless to say, Delphi's built-in debugger was useless in the matter. Kudos to a random utility I found, "AVFinder", which helped me in narrowing down my search. Phew.

And as a result of all of this hard bug-finding we were all rewarded with an awesome bug-free game of Free-For-All in my tiny made-in-5-minutes map.

Extra points go out to the recent noble League of Testers (in no order): Jeremy, Ravuya, Cold Steel, and Blandin. I was bugging them to help me test/debug every 10-20 minutes nearly all of today. Thanks guys! [smile]

What's Next?

Now that all of this 'clean-up' detail is done, I can move on to the focus of this version: the Master Server. The first step is creating the new client interface for the Master Server (no more temporary ugly login-box nonsense), and allowing players to create accounts and login to them. And of course the many bugs that will doubtlessly follow. :P

I'm as tired as bananas, but I'm extremely happy at what I've managed to accompish, the bugs I've managed to quell, and at how much fun Skirmish Online will one day bring the world. [smile]

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Recommended Comments

Great job Hope! I can't wait to see what the maps will look like now. And the masterserver will open our game to the world! :D

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Your dev journal is VERY inspiring. When I read through it I couldn't wait to get back to work on my first full game that I fully intend to finish up very soon.

Your game looks very veyr impressive. Where did you find resources and information on building a map editor and whatnot...? I'm very curious about this.

Keep up the great work and dev journal!

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@fooman: Thanks for the kind words! I'm very flatterd to hear that my journal has a motivational effect. [smile]

As for the resources/info about building map editors, this is something that I've done on several occasions. Nearly all of my games have needed somesort of editor. But it's not that bad, since both the map handling of the editor AND the game are roughly the same, since both do share it. The only real pain in the arse is constantly making sure you've converted map-to-screen coordinates and screen-to-map coordinates properly. [sad]

Thanks again for your comments, and best of luck with your game project!

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I just finished reading your journal from the beginning to the end, and I have just one word: awesome! :)

(I'm really itching to start coding an actual game for a change)

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I just finished reading your journal from the beginning to the end

Holy smokes, you're the second person to admit to performing such a feat. You guys are nuts. Even I haven't read my journal from beginning to end. :P

Thanks for stopping by, too. It's only polite of me to return the favour and check out your journal too (which I've been meaning to do since I noticed you up there!). Thanks for your kind word(s). [smile]

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