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Eh, the horrible weekend took longer to blow over than I expected, and even got worse if that's possible before lightening up a little this morning. I still cannot bring myself to work much more on moe with the flood of [disorganized] things that still need done, the job hunt, and the lack of relaxation options...

I did however find the motivation to toss this together tonight:

I've always hated that I didn't even have a newbies' worth of demo code to show off to potential non-gamedev employers. That and my lack of even simplistic winform experience hurt my already floundering chances for a dev job.

So I took the sound code from MoE and built a little winamp clone around it. The UI/debugging took about 4 hours. All of the buttons work, except looping which the code doesn't not support, and is disabled. The list doesn't do anything more than display the playlist and the current playing track at the moment. FMODex does the heavy lifting.

[edit: 5-17, 00:30]
This didn't really deserve its own post, but almost all I got done today was add a numerical input object to the Amp for volume control. Updates if something changes the playlist volume, changes the playlist volume if changed, properly constrained to 0-100%. Took like 10 minutes, but I've been wholy unmotivated.
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