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W00t & I just can't do it

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Ethereal Darkness Interactive Update

You have to check out Raymond's journal (link above.) He took my tram idea and turned it into pure gold. He finished it in all but 2 hours.

On my side I added some scripts to the new map that he's plus changed a few minor errors in some of the other scripts I did over the weekend. I also scripted (dialogue/events not actual game script) part of the game towards the end, setting up some of the puzzles and such. I'm going to talk to him tomorrow because I'm not quite sure whats left to be done besides audio, scripting, storyline, and dialogue and I'm also not sure what everybody else is working on.

Also, I continue to gloat about my awesome EDI t-shirt.

DragonForge Technology

Well, I just can't do it. I got started on my articles again today and I'm just going to have to strip coding from it. Besides, articles that cover the concepts in detail should be much better.

< snip long ass list of reasons why I shouldn't code the engine >
< /snip >
I would have to majorly simplify the code and use some techniques that are just plain bad and I'm not willing to do that.

Anyways, I expand upon my original statement - articles that cover the concepts will be of much more use to a lot more people (i.e. non-Windows and non-DirectX users) and it will allow me to cover more ideas.

So, long story short I'm still doing the articles, but I'm not coding an engine for it.

Edit: Wow, I just realized that the only thing I've finished in the last 6 months a REALLY long time is the shader article that I did for HopeDagger. More on this tomorrow when I get home from work. Maybe this is why I barely get any response anymore. Or maybe its the fact that I just post about crap. Either way, I'll have to fix both.


Other news

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I smell a renewed motivation for completion. And I like it!

Looking forward to seeing more gamedev goodies from you, P16. [grin]

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