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We're free. . .to be stupid!

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Okay, just as a quickie test I broke the links for my three animated buttons up on top there. If you guys who saw hideous memory-consumption on my journal will test it again, I'd appreciate. I don't see anything on those buttons that'd cause a problem, but you never know.

On another note, marketing people are morons. About a year ago, CBS Radio Network (Howard Stern's network) announced that they were changing their nationwide moniker to "Free FM" in response to Howard's announcement that he was leaving 'em for satellite radio.

At first, I thought this was a pretty good idea, and it was pretty obvious as to its meaning. They were gonna push "Free FM" as a free (as in beer) alternative to satellite radio. And that made sense. After all, if you wanna listen to Howard nowadays, you need to pay $12 a month. "Free FM" requires no monthly fee. Duh.

Fast forward several months, and I turn on my FM radio during a car trip. I clicked over to the "Free FM" station to hear what they'd done to replace the David Lee Roth Show (aka Radio Hindenburg), and all I kept hearing was "We're Free FM, where we have freedom!" and "Free FM, where we're free to say anything!"

In other words, they were now claiming that "Free FM" actually means that they're free (as in speech) and not free (as in beer)!

And that's friggin' stupid! The biggest DISADVANTAGE that "Free FM" has over satellite radio is that they DO NOT have free speech. If anyone on "Free FM" says something too naughty, they have to pay $325,000. They took their whole marketing campaign from "We're free because you don't have to pay $12 a month to listen to us" (which is true) to "We're free because we can say whatever we want" (which is crap).

I hate being down on marketing people, but I've seen less common sense in marketing departments than in any other part of a company, and this applies to many companies with which I've been involved.

Call me prejudiced.
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There's a commerical that plays here against satellite radio with the tagline "Some things are just meant to be free." I want to strangle that guy, because I never feel like it's free when they play that junk in the middle of a 5 minute block of commericals. Yuck!

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I left firefox pointing at this page over night. Last night: 29Meg. This morning: 30Meg.

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As on the free radio thing I've taken those radio is ment to be free commercials to be confirmation that satellite radio is hurting their listenership.

They also a set of commercials with Hall and Oates and other bands "Before we were famous, sold out stadiums, had # gold records, etc... you heard us on the radio."

Well I hate to tell you this guys it's been years since I heard a song on the FM radio and bought the album. All of the new bands I hear about are by word of mouth or the internet. My apologies but I've moved on.

Most of my radio listening is usually NPR (nagware radio) or various forms of talk radio (great entertainment). Once while driving through rural Arkansas I got a preacher on a low wattage station calling for Bush to be impeached because of his liberal stance on gay issues.

Also I did buy the annoyingly catchy song "The Way" by Fastball off of iTunes about 6 months ago after having heard it on the radio so the "free radio" industry has gotten $0.99 of music out of me over the last few years. Good job!

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