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New Super Mario Bros.

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So I got "New Super Mario Bros." today, and just finished playing it for a few hours. Wow, it is really, really, really good. I've been looking forward to this game for awhile, and it was worth the wait.

Although I haven't played many 2D mario games(I had a Genesis, so I'm more of a Sonic fan), this game is just so great to play.

Essentially, it is a sequel to the origional Super Mario series of games. It's a sidescroller that plays just like the classic mario games. However, they also added new moves, like wall jumping, and new items. And I will go right ahead and say this, this game is just as good or better than any of the classic mario games. And that is pretty hard to do.

Now I only wish Sega would do a "New Sonic the Hedgehog", and go back to making classic style Sonic games.

Stompy's Revenge related: I'll be releasing a new demo tomorrow featuring bug fixes, checkpoints, and the new high score table.
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I've been looking at getting the game, but I'm not much of a console/handheld gamer anymore =/.

*Goes to bed so tomorrow comes sooner*

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Well if you own a DS, than you have to get this game. It's not even an option[grin]

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Well, if its that awesome, shouldn't I go get a DS too? Darn my brokedness =/

*Continues to eagerly await tomorrow*

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Well, it's not the only great game on the DS, but it is certainly the best.

If you ever plan to get a DS, get a DS lite.

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They made a bunch of new Sonic games, but they were so horrible that noone ever heard of them (good thing too).

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They really need to just get back to the basics with that series. Also, they need to stop making new characters! They had enough after Sonic 3.

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