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Hurrah, we just had a hugely successful testing session with 8-9 players!

Crud, I forgot to any screenshots! Or rather, I took then via PrintScreen but then forgot about them and overwrote them with another copy afterwards. Darn. And they were so dang inspiring too. [sad]

Since there's no screenshot, I'll use some imagery to describe the sheer amazingness of it all:

You awaken with a chill, on this cold dreary May evening. Your computer flickers to life with a single messagebox requesting a name. Your name.

Without hesitating, you lower yourself purposefully into your creaky computer chair and key in your alias. With only a moment's pause, you grasp your worn mouse and click on the daunting 'Enter' button before you.

PHAM! You are instantaneously transported into a new realm! Soldiers are shouting and firing all around you, and explosions shake both your monitor, speakers, and your very bones. This must be that 'Skirmish Online' thing that all of the kids were talking about.

You hold TAB down for a moment to take in the battle details. The ping is up a little high -- likely the host's pitiful connection; you shrug it off -- and, wow, 8 players online? How could this be? Previously it had only risen to 7, and that was on a map 3 times this size!

The miniscule 25x25 chunk of land was torn asunder with warfare, and looked to be accustomed to it as well. Shrapnel whizzes by your head as you duck beneath the safe cover of a stray computer desk and check the clip loaded into your Naop Assault Rifle 551. With a grunt of satisfaction, you leap out from under your cover and open up a burst of fire that lights up the surrounding terrain, and let forth a mighty bellowing shout, "NO MERCYYYY!"

There we go. And only a fraction of the bandwidth of an image. :P
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Wow, I had a lot of fun this go - my router was doing some weird stuff or something (packets were dropping, the game was acting up), so I ended up bumbling around to reset the darned thing. This isn't the first time its happened... shouldn't have gotten such a cheap piece of crap :P

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Dude, excellent description! A+

You could always hop over to nyah and download Rob's screencap program =D (and no, Rob isn't paying me, I just really like ScreenCap.)

I'd be willing to join, but I'd get called a 56k demon (actually its not even that fast, about 24k even though its supposed to be high-speed cable.) I have troubles playing any online games on my internet (except for CS:Source for some reason, but I'm not complaining [wink].)

Anyway, keep up the good work!

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Bummed I missed this but hopefully I managed to help with the login bug... helps having a stupidly high ping ;-)

Turns out my ISP turned me on for a few hours and then turned me off again so I'm back to internet at work only :/

Keep up the good work

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Damn! I picked a bad night to be busy. Glad to see we've risen above the 7 max player bug :D. Soon we'll have a new corprate mmmap to wreak havok in too!

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