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Oh cool.

Zatfig Culottes: Beach Adventurer
Episode 2
Zatfig Sinks Into A Tar Pit

When she gets to the bottom of the tar pit, does she get to wrestle with a zombie Giant Ground Sloth?

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Looks very nice, maybe you could use a bigger screensize in this game, for example 1280x1024. :)

Keep up the amazing work! ;)

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you'll be able to set the screen size to whatever you like (hardware allowing of course), i choose 1024x768 because it is what we consider to be the 'optimal' resolution.

changing screen resolution won't gain you more viewable area, this isn't an RPG or an RTS, so we want to have everything in close view.

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Me too Mushu. Brunettes are hot but her Waist to hip ratio is waay too high. Shes kinda chunky in a bad way. (yes it is possible to be chunky in a good way). Her shadow is hot though, much hotter than she is. hmmm

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Yo. My comments are about the art. It really bothers me that some objects/scenery has a black outline and some doesnt, and that the characters do not. The buildings are very well done, but they do not match the ground textures at all. They also do not match the style of the characters (which are done fairly well in their own right). I just looks like you have alot of different styles going on. Your futuristic tram thing in a previous post looks great, but almost looks cell-shaded, and thus completely different than the rest of your game.

In your pics of the beat scene. The tree trunks look like sprites, and do not have as much detail as the ground and sigh or tiki bar. In other pics with other buildings/ojects you seem to be using black outlines for somethings and not for others, and because the characters do not use them it just make them look out of place. I would say to try and nail some standards to use across all your artwork. like will they all have blackoutlines? what level of detail should everything use? etc.

and if you do give everything a black outline you have to ensure that the ground textures are done in such a way so it doesnt look like everything is just placed ontop of the ground. This can be resolved with doing alot more of those environmental objects taht you seem to have already. (grass clumps, bushes, etc). I would say make many kids of that and decorate the ground with them. Barren land is not good.

This is not an attack, but hopefully a tip. No one seems to be giving very many art tips around here. So I hope I can help.

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@Arex - Just so you know, 1280x1024 is a bad a resolution to make your game in (if you're going to choose just that resolution anyway.) Most of the monitors I have looked at have not supported it (in fact, my new monitor is the only monitor I've ever seen that has supported it.)

@Shingtime - The only object I've seen that has a really noticeable outline is the palm tree. Anyway, its most likely just a blending proplem (since they're rendered sprites of models.) Also, AFAIK everything except for the terrain is cellshaded.

The terrain looking different from everything else was done on purpose, as Raymond has already said. IMO it makes objects/scenery more noticeable than the terrain.

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I didn't say it wasn't supported at all, I said that not very many monitors support it. I had a 15, two 17, and a 19 inch monitor, none of which supported it (all LCD.) 1024x768 has been supported on almost every single monitor that I've seen.

I was just pointing out that its not supported very much and, IMO, is a bad choice to stick with if you're going with just one resolution.

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now that model is pretty kickass. good texturing too. And it has outlines, (which is cool to have if you intend to use cellshading - tho they are not necessary).

The thing is everything needs to have outlines or everything does not. I say this because the current state of half and half does not seem to work. in the picture at the top. you have two groups, the pine tree trunk, the tree leaves, and that bush. and then you have the character, the ground, the water, lillypads/flowers and the grass patches in the water. These two groups are not visually working together.

If there is a stylistic or gamerelated motive for having these two styles im totally open to it. That would be very cool and is done in some games. (Oblvion's inside-the-painting watercolor world vs its normal rendering for instance. Or the cellshading used for game and watch and Kirby with game and watch's powers in smash bros melee)

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