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To upgrade or not to upgrade, that is the question

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So I've been using my home PC a bit more lately and I just noticed that I only have 512mb of RAM in it.

I could have sworn I had 1gb, but I guess my memory isn't that great.

For the previous month I've been contemplating buying a new computer. I figure it's about time, since this one was built way back in May of 2001, meaning that it's 5 years old now. I'm rather pleased that the only upgrade I've had to make in 5 years was the storage space via hard drives.

However, buying a new computer is, shall we say, more money than I can afford to plop down at the moment. I figure it will take another two months to gather enough cash to afford one (I don't like using credit; the only debt I have is my car and school loans), but in the mean time, I've been really itching for more memory.

So my dilemma is thus:
* do I just wait it out and wait 2 months to buy a new computer?
* or do I buy memory now and push off the new computer for another month or two?

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Hmmm, bit more research:

I assumed that since DDR2 has been out for a while and DDR3 is already being planned, that all motherboards had switched to DDR2 by now, however, I was wrong. In fact, the vast majority of MB's still use DDR1, which is what my old MB uses, which means I may not have a problem here.

So, new plan (someone tell me if this is not do-able please):

My old motherboard supports 184-pin DDR up to PC2700 (DDR333, which runs at 166Mz, frigging numbers all over the place, grr), but since DDR is underclockable, I think I'll buy a 1GB stick of DDR400 for around $70, and stick it in my current system (anything faster than DDR400 is only useful for servers and die-hards, right?).

Then when I eventually get my new system (after I wait for Intels new Core 2 Duo to knock the CPU prices down :P) I'll take that chip and plug it into my new system.


I'm planning on making another computer that will last me 5+ years, so I'm aiming for an AMD dual-core 2x1mb cache 64-bit socket 939 opteron.

Considering that my current system was considered "medium" when I bought it, a higher-priced machine ought to last me even longer.

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So I've been using my home PC a bit more lately and I just noticed that I only have 512mb of RAM in it.

I could have sworn I had 1gb, but I guess my memory isn't that great.

LOLOLOLOLOL. [rolleyes]

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If the memory isn't gonna push your "get a new computer" decision, then don't bother. If it was something like "new memory and replace computer in a year versus replace computer in two months", then there's a decision.

But if memory won't change your replacement time-frame, then don't bother. Tough it out for two months and get the computer then.

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if youre running winxp then dont bother upgrading from 512->1gb
i done that about 6 months ago + it made practically zero difference (even with heaps of programs open or recently used)
hopefully they'll fix this with vista

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