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So I bought myself a really nice new laptop and a nice new case to go with it. I did something fairly unprecedented in my internet-buying career and paid for fast shipping on both, since I leave Monday for two weeks and want to be able to take my nice new toys with me.

So, after having to deal with a bunch of red tape with my bank to authorize the $2300 worth of charges on my debit card, I finally managed to get the laptop itself actually shipping. Currently, the order status page says its "in warehouse" which makes me suspect it's ready for pickup by UPS (although I can't be sure). When I talked to the customer service guy on the phone earlier today, he mentioned that the pickup time was fairly late in the day; this place is out on the West Coast, so there's still a good chance it might ship this afternoon. If it does, I'll have the machine on Friday, and I get to take it with me, woot woot. If not... Mr. Support Rep claims they do not do weekend deliveries, so I won't get to see my new shinies until I get home. In two bloody weeks.

The glimmering ray of hope is that the new case is already in South Carolina and should be delivered Friday for sure. So at the very least I'll be able to carry around my old beat-up laptop in a shiny new case.

But I'm still really hoping the laptop makes it before I leave, because I really want to play with it like right freakin now because it's so freakin hot.

Seriously, I am disgustingly excited about this machine. I guess I was psychologically overdue for a hardware upgrade and just didn't realize it. I'm going to be suicidally depressed if I have to spend two weeks on another continent fantasizing about it and totally unable to actually use it.
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Whats the hardware setup that you got (processor, ram, and graphics card)? From the looks of it, yours totally kicks the shit out of my laptop, and it cost $2100 a couple months ago =/.

Oh well, thats technology for ya.

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The complete specs for the model I got are listed in the first page I linked.

It's currently 5:08PM PST, and it doesn't look like it's shipping today [sad] [crying] [bawling] [depressed]

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You know, Apple has 2-day shipping. [grin]

I hope you enjoy it when you get it.

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