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Wow, crazy

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Ethereal Darkness Interactive Update

Well, I haven't gotten shit done on this due to a pretty wierd sequence of events:

  • /me works on errors in the scripts I've done (changing 'this' to 'rebecca' when she's talking, spelling, and changing some dialogue)
  • /me saves and figures I'll commit later
  • /me works on debug console for a little while
  • /me saves console and uploads to website
  • /me has heartattack as computer makes horrible sound and shuts off
  • /me tinkers with computer for a couple hours
  • /me feels better as computer comes back on
  • /me goes to commit changes and notices folder missing
  • /me checks hard drive and about 5 programs, my documents, my music, Project2's folders, and DragonForgeTechnology folder is missing.
  • /me has second heart attack

I have absolutely no idea what happened to my computer. I know I wasn't hacked because its happened before. I know it wasn't a power surge or anything because there was no flickering or anything from my light thats plugged into the same strip. I also know that its not because of overheating. So, this leaves bad memory, bad processor, bad harddrive, or ghosts. I'm going with ghosts since the only other time it happened was on a totally different computer with totally different hardware.

Anyway, I've got a fresh copy of the game as well as the documentation and I'm off and running, after this entry anyway.

This section is going bye-bye. Not because I'm not going to be working on it, but for the fact that I don't want to leak info on it and I don't have anything that I can really share about it ATM. So, it'll be back at a later date (probably after June 1st).

DragonForge Technology

I've modified the console a lot since last night. I added a textured background, more than 10 lines, a cursor (mouse cursor, not a caret), changed the '|' to a ", and added scrolling.
I also added a couple built in commands:

#SetConsoleTextColor COLOR or rgb(r,g,b)
Sets the console's text color
#SetConsoleTextColor white
#SetConsoleTextColor rgb(0, 100, 1)

#SetConsoleBkColor COLOR or rgb(r,g,b)
Sets the console's background color; blends with the texture.

Sets background to white and text to black (incase you accidentally set both to the same color

#SetConsoleBkTexture "filename"
Changes the console's background texture.

#ShowConsoleBackground true or false
Removes/adds the console's background to the rendering loop.

I'm also going to be integrating DLL system into the console so that users can load their own commands (Users as in users of the library, not users of the game/software.) Thanks to Mushu for the idea!

Heres a quick screeny -
Yea, the background texture is horrible, but I never claimed to be an artist, did I? Oh shit, I did. Well, I only spent like 5 minutes on it, so there =TH.

You might notice that it looks different. Well, I had it set up using an off-center orthographic matrix, but for some reason it was strecting and stuff (causing my text to be out of place because its not using the matrix because I'm using ID3DXFont at the moment.) So, I switch to transformed vertices until I can code up a font engine.


Other news

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Recommended Comments

Uhhhh... so you basically lost a nice chuck of user-data, and aren't going to figure out exactly what happened?! I've had that happen to me before (it turned out to be MSBlaster's death woes) and had several years worth of VB6 stuff killed (afterwhich I decided to learn C++).

Still. I never trusted that system again. Granted, I still don't back up my stuff, but that's a moot point [lol]

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Well, theres not much I could do at the moment. And the only thing permanently lost is my music (which I have the CDs to anyway). CS:S was gone but I reinstalled it and am ready to go (although I am pissed I had to reinstall and update the mammoth). The rest was programs I was going to remove anyway. I got a fresh copy of Project2 when my cable came back on and I luckily got DFT backed up onto my website in time. So, meh... until it happens again =/ (last time it happened was almost about 8 months ago.)

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Ugh, crappy computer problems. I'm still in the process of figuring out why my monitor loses signal while playing some of my games. Damn ghosts, they've got me too.

Until next time, meet my fun loving furry friend.

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Damn, I had a couple good movies to show off, but Movie Maker seems to be eating my videos (it looks like it took a 320x240 movie, compressed it down into a 160x120 movie and then magnified it to a 640x480 movie.)

So, unless you want to suffer through downloading a 240mb FRAPS movie or a 1.5mb wmv movie, you'll have to suffer with some screenshots. I noticed one major problem with the console, all of my log messages were too long to read [sad]. So, I came up with the following:
Bottom of the console

Top of the console

Back to the bottom

I had also made a movie (~500mb -_-;) featuring some of the better comments in Project2 so far, but the movie didn't work and screenshots don't cut it for Project2 at the moment.

Back to working on Project2 for me.

Edit: @ildave that is awesome =D. Does he have a name?

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Foster :) ... Lately it's been, 'Pain in the ass', but he seems to have calmed down a little... I hope...

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