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I decided I was going to order Exceptional C++ today. I browsed around for prices on the internet, checked my paypal account, discovered I'm poor, and was forced to decide against it.

On a sidenote, I changed up my schedule today - instead of playing Maple and procrastinating, I instead coded something and procrastinated more.

I've decided to lay out the whole interface before adding most of the functionality. Right now, the only thing that "does anything" is the size and image fields.

This demonstrates a key flaw of the current GUI framework - there is no OnChange event for text fields. There isn't even an OnEvent to handle a return. So all those "submit" buttons are a necessity, sadly. I guess I could have hacked something together whereby it would process changes on a lose focus event (I think it has those) but that would have been messier :<

The large empty area at the bottom is being saved for hardpoints. I still haven't quite figured out whether or not I want a separate window to make those; but we'll see. I'm pretty happy with how this is looking so far.

After the component editor, there are very few things left to create before getting down to writing the actual game. I'm going to try and delay that part long enough so I can get to see the 4E5 rules for the summer - at this point I could use these content creation tools to pretty much do anything.

Or so my strategy goes, we'll have to see what 4E5 pans out. I doubt it'll be "Superpig, Washu's Tentacles, Spoonbender's Army, and Stompy's Smilies", but you never know.

I have to say, it would be bloody awesome to take a Superpig as a chasis, add a Stompy smiley as the head, and attach Washu tentacles as the weapons. But I diverge.

And divulge. Too much. There will be a knock on your door shortly.

But lol, don't worry about me competition wise. Everyone knows I never actually get any work done :D
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I'm envious of your gui system. I have your gui article somewhere. I swear i'm going to rewrite mine one of these days.

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Well, once I finish this game I plan to rewrite the whole library - there are quite a few issues that need to be addressed, especially how the whole thing is rendered. Right now its operating as a heap of hacks, and I wouldn't want to distribute the code for that.

Rather, the rewritten library should be more functional, cleaner, and distributable. It won't be able to compete with stuff like CEGUI, but for those of us who don't need billions of bells and whistles... :P

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