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No Progress.

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Job hunting continues without progress. Moe work has all but ceased due to job hunting and motivational issues. In the meantime, here's a screenshot, and links to people actually doing some work.

[edit: by the way, I've never understood peoples' fascination with bitmaped fonts. They're tons more work, and often look terrible. It's not as though you're going to get your artist to make the millions of characters you'll need if your game ever leaves Romance language states... I'm sure I'm missing something, or just started after the advent of nice truetype font libraries like d3dxfont. So what is it? ]
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Well, with a bitmapped font you load and handle everything so you can do different things that you couldn't do with a regular font system like ID3DXFont. For example, my font engine allows highlighting tags:

^2This text would be red^0 but this text would be black.
You need to travel to ^2Canada^0 to recieve your training. Afterwards you will recieve a complimentary ^4'BOOM, HEADSHOT!'^0 t-shirt.
// (the colors are controlled through my console)

Also, one of my favorites is it lets you manipulate the font (using shaders or whatnot.) And finally - you can use shaders with a homebrew font engine (and AFAIK you can't with ID3DXFont.)

Btw, thanks for the plug!

Edit: I just got done looking over the ddoc for moe and it looks like its going to be an awesome game. You did great on the ddoc!

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You mean like this:

public static void UnitTest() {
ColorTaggedText CTT = new ColorTaggedText("Arial12");

CTT.color = System.Drawing.Color.Red.ToArgb();
CTT.SetText(string.Format("Red^green Green^{0} Blue",System.Drawing.Color.Blue.ToArgb()));
CTT.rerect(new identical_rect(ro_root.guiroot.tblr));

A control inheriting from the common Text base.
(yay, a nice little diversion)

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lol, nice, but that isn't available for C++/Direct3D (AFAIK anyway.) My point was though is that you can extend your own system. But then, it wouldn't have to be a bitmapped font, would it? (I guess thats probably what your point was, huh?)

Also, I like diversions too =D.

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Indeed, the ColorTaggedText class ends up using the base text class (which for d3d uses ID3DXFont internally).

The color info is just GDI+ wrapper of this (which I'd admittedly not use if I wasn't using C# and likely binding myself to win32 anyways). The rest is just wrapper/engine code. Everything should be available, though C#/.NET maybe makes some of the string and color parsing easier...

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Are we talking about bitmap fonts, or texture mapping a font texture onto graphic primitives.

I prefer the latter due to speed.

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