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Awesome! 39021 at the end of level 4 (just before the boss), then I took some bad steps and died a lot. Plays nice and I like the changes except for a few things. When you go back to a checkpoint nothing comes back, causes for a long empty run (especially if you're like me and die with the next checkpoint onscreen.) And I had a lot of bullets go through me in the first level (upwards toward 20. I can't really say more than I was running, jumping, and shooting a lot while it was going on.)

All in all, A+ =D. I'll have to make some time so I can play the whole thing (or atleast try to since platformers aren't my best genre.)

Keep up the good work!

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I got to level 2 and have to say that level 2 is much more entertaining then the first one. Oh, you might want to encrypt the high scores:

ROB 999999999
JOE 9000
JOE 8000
JOE 7000
JOE 6000
JOE 5000
JOE 4000
JOE 3000
JOE 2000
JOE 1000

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Damn my internet not working at home! Going to have to post some major high scores :O)

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I was thinking that maybe I could revive everything after the checkpoint to make it more interesting. The problem is that I don't want to give the oppurtunity for more points just for dying.

Yep, I definetly need to learn how to encrypt the high scores. I should probably do that next now that I think about it...

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KKX 37805

I really like the game now the high scores are in as I don't just race through the levels but try and kill everything. Some of the levels were certainly more tricky and I dropped my bonuses.

It would be cool to have a score break down on the "run stompy run" screen to see where you can improve. X/Y badies? +XXXX bonus?

Also why can't I kill the bomber planes (with grenades) and I can still do the first and last boss without being hit. The 4th boss doesn't even shoot back if I stay far enough away. How do you actually do the 1st boss if you go over the crates?

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It's possible to get a higher score the second time around because you can hit some of the guys high in the skyscrapers with the scattergun in the first level. [grin]

Very nice additions!

BTW, I got the game to crash by typing jibberish in HighScores.txt -

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I got something like 31885. It's pretty cool.

Checkpoints worked great for me; there were about the right amount of them, and they functioned perfectly.

Level 4 is pretty darned hard. I was on my last life when I killed the boss.

Could you add it so that 'P' also pauses (in addition to enter)? I had to go AFK in the middle of the game, but I couldn't remember what paused the game. I didn't want to hit escape cause I (correctly) feared it quit the game. :)

But for the gameplay itself, it's very good. Good job. :)

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We're all getting scores in the same range here because we're limited by the number of baddies to kill :O)

A timed element to the score would mean you'd have to be efficient as well as fast. How about baddies that go off the screen and never come back too?

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That's one thing I still need to add is a time bonus. Right now, it is possible to get the perfect score.

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