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Ahhh I'm so busy right now. I was shooting to have the game done today...uhm...yea, that's not gonna happen. I need at least two more weeks to crank out a lot more city artwork, refine the strategic elements of the game, and fix the traffic AI. Ugh. it's a never ending list of things.

Good news, I've fixed a vehicle engine bug that was nagging me for months, finished the mini map implementation (generation, display, etc.), completed more work on the map editor, and did a lot of little things that escape me at the moment.

I'm really happy with the way the graphics are coming together...once I create more city artwork I think the game will start to look a lot better. "It'll be teh seks".

Screenshot time! (note the mini-map in the corner of all the screenshots). I think it adds a lot to the feel of the game. It was really worth the two days of work :-) The cool part is I'll never have to worry about it again, they are automatically generated when the maps are saved in City Editor.


Mmmmm so tasty.

The Hammer.

I had to do a "hot coffee" reference SOMEWHERE in the game. A billboard was the easiest thing I could come up with.

Hopefully I'll have the custom art/code done for the sniper rifle, grenade launcher, and RPG tonight before I crash [it's gonna be one of those working until 4AM nights ugh. I've got a test session tommorow with my publisher to have the game evaluated, so I need to prepare for that].

I gotta get back to it...let me know if you like these screens!

- Dan
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Guest Anonymous Poster


Like them? I love them! Looks really fun :D

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looks fantastic.

I have one comment on the map - the triangle on the minimap probably doesnt need to be there - the map shows your position, whereas the screen shows the view :) (and the triangle doesnt reflect your view anyway - too short)
Since your map rotates (which is great btw), you probably dont need anything to show which way you're heading - as up is always forwards.
If you do, something more subtle perhaps ? Some games use a teardrop pointing in your heading - maybe something similar ?

love the snipe at gta on the sign ;)


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Those looked really great! I really like the new mini-map it looks perfect.

Are you still planning on doing the beta testing? By "done" do you mean releasing to Beta Testers or end of development?

Can't wait to play it!

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As always, your screenshots are absolutely amazing. In the first few screenshots, the view cone in the minimap looked off. Maybe its just me. Anyway, everything looks great. If you need beta testers, you know where to find us :).

I get it now ... it was the view cone for the car in the first screenshot.

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This project never fails to amaze me. This just looks like a AAA title yet it's done by a one person team. Incredible. I'm not a fan of the GTA type genre but I will definitely give you a sale when you reach the finish line. If nothing else then to just load it up and be amazed.

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Hey guys thanks for the feedback! I appreciate it.

By done, I mean release to the BETA testers. Again, if you're interested in giving it a go....just send me an e-mail ( dgreen [at] radioactive-software.com ) with BETA in the title, and your computer specs, location, etc. And I'll get you onto my personal list of beta testers, which will be added to the list of testers my publisher will get.

Good point about the mini map FOV triangle not being necessary. I'll probably take that out, or make it more subtle...or extend it all the way to the top of the map. I'll play around with it some more.

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